Telegram 3.12 Copies Several Whatsapp Features

In the beginning Telegram had little or no qualms about making an almost perfect copy of WhatsApp with a twist. After the initial thrust and to the relative passivity of WhatsApp in including improvements, the apprentice seemed to have surpassed the master and arguably was the most WhatsApp was inspired by Telegram, and not vice versa.telegramjpg

Not surprisingly, in 2014, Pavel Durov, CEO Telegram published an article called Medium best way to predict the functions of WhatsApp. I’ll save reading, on the other hand is quite interesting because it made predictions that you can check if they cumpieron or not, but the main idea was that WhatsApp kept copy Sooner, yes- what proved to work in Telegram.

Let us return to the present and version 3.12 of Telegram and after enumerate the insurance innovations that have odd deja vu with the developments we have seen in WhatsApp recent days: photo editor masks and emoji, creating GIF with camera, emoji iOS 10 and the “giants” emoji, plus an easier way to download stickers.

How the tables have turned?

2016 is the year that have had to increase the power of coffee for developers WhatsApp, is that the former application that barely changed year after year has included some interesting changes and faster speed to which we had become accustomed . Still slow, yes, but less.

We were not used to WhatsApp, things it had were not in Telegram (most notably today still calls), but while Pavel Durov boys (developers) enjoying their summer vacation, WhatsApp added emoji giants a photo editor masks, videos that become GIF, emoji iOS 10 and selfies with “flash” in the front chamber.

Someone in Telegram these changes have had him seem a good idea, and that is if we exclude the new stickers downloading easier fashion, the other new features of 3.12 are all functions Telegram recently included of WhatsApp.

1.Photo Masks

Telegram already had a pretty interesting photo editor with the ability to change brightness, contrast, color, add bullets and blurs, but the latest version renames it to Editor 2.0 and includes masks. The masks do not apply on your face in real time as other applications, but they are automatically positioned by using facial recognition technologies and metadata. I’m not going to lie, it works very well.

The idea seems inspired by WhatsApp, although neither is much less something original of this application and could be that there simply coincided in time that both applications have included it. In any case, the implementation is much more complete Telegram. There are plenty of more masks are positioned automatically, the pen has three different strokes and new masks can be sent by bot @stickers.

2.videos GIF

Telegram has one of the best integrations animated GIF messaging applications (via GIPHY) but when creating your own GIF did not put much on your part. Version 3.12 borrows the idea of WhatsApp to enable you to create GIF from video clips.telegram-gif-images

It works in a similar way in WhatsApp. First you record a video from the application itself, and in the preview window to shipping touch Mute button to send the video as animated GIF. In this case you do not have a time limit as WhatsApp.


In the emoji also you are going to have some deja vu WhatsApp, especially when you submit one size fit because just as in this application. If you send one, it is “very large”, and the size is reduced if you send two, three or four, which have already adopted the normal size.teegram-emoji

Own emoji itself have also been updated to how they look on iOS 10, which should not be too surprised because evolution was “logical” to maintain the same design on different platforms where the application works.

As in the case of WhatsApp, this change means goodbye to the revolver that turns into a water pistol, the rainbow flag and other more subtle changes especially visible in the emoji of “realistic” design.

4.Download stickerstelegram-stickers

We already knew the trending Telegram stickers, but they were somewhat hidden. Version 3.12 includes them in the bar itself stickers, without going through the options. This new tab allows you to preview the fashion stickers and install them, quickly and easily.

Who copied whom?

As a lover of technology I value and appreciate innovation, but at the same time user of that technology selfishly only thing I want is what I’m interested in applications that interest me, it doesn’t matter to if little or totalof the idea is original or recycled .

Specifically in the case of WhatsApp and Telegram, the truth is that both applications are very similar from the beginning, so it is inevitable that one is inspired by the other, and vice versa. They continue to compete to create something original and recorded the minidot, while adopting what created the “other” to keep up. In this arms race wins who is the end user.

So what do you guys thinks about this. Let me know through comments 🙂

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