Privacy Policy

Hello :-),

Privacy is very important for me, So I care about my blog readers privacy too, Here I am disclosing what information from my blog readers, I have access to and How the information is used.

Google Analytics:

I use Google analytics to know what my blog readers are reading and what they are interested in, So that I can provide more information to the Intrest my blog readers.

Google Analytics does not disclose any personal information about my blogger readers, All the information I get is anonymous data, So there is no worry about your privacy.


I primarily use Google Adsense to monetize my blog traffic, The Cookies which are loaded by Google Adsense don’t reveal me any personal information to me, You can check the privacy policy of Google Adsense for more info.

Email Subscribers and Comments:

The blog readers who Subscribe and Comment to the TechNTry via Email ID need not worry as I only get the Email ID and Name which will be only used to send updates to you. And will never be used for spamming you. I hate Spamming.