Now Play Pokémon GO With Your Android Wear

The latest update of Pokemon GO not only get to add a new buddy system where we can bring a Pokémon as a pet, besides not allowed to play users with root on their devices, but also paves the way for the arrival new Pokémon Go Plus accessory. The new accessory to facilitate the task Pokémon trainers could be officially launched on 16 September in the first countries.

pokemon-go-android-wear-2But besides that, there is another novelty in the latest update of Pokémon Go that has not been announced by the boys in Niantic, we assume that intend to keep the hype around the game for longer. And it is that the guys have managed Pokémon GO Hub break down and extract data from the new version of the game and have discovered some interesting features that have not been announced by developers yet.

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Pokémon GO adds support for Android Wear

The most important is the fact that Pokémon GO receive support for Android Wear, apart Pokemon Go Plus accessory, which will be available soon too soon. The new data also revealed that an Android watch will use Bluetooth to communicate with Android smartphones. In addition, communication is encrypted using the AES method.

Moreover, Pokemon Go Plus can run in the background, which means that users will not have to keep the app open on their smartphones while it is open on the clock. It is also worth mentioning that Pokémon GO is compatible with a wide range of Android Wear devices, since the application will analyze the hardware configuration of the clock and adjusted accordingly.pokemon-go-support-android-wear

Last but not least, it seems that Android Wear work with iOS, which means that players can use a Pokémon GO Android SmartWatch and sync with iOS. Support for Android Wear Pokémon is labeled GO fully functional in the application code, so the only thing left is to announce Niantic and activate the new feature

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