How to Access 3D Touch On iPhone

If shifting mobile’s manual keyboard to touch bought a drastic change and made life easy now its the turn of 3D Touch. How to Access this 3D Touch On iPhone is all that we discuss further.

What is 3D Touch:

In this tech world every new invention purpose is to save the time and effort one put towards a task. So, the 3D Touch came into existence. Enjoy it based on the pressure you apply on the screen. Yeah, what you read is right, now it is possible to make a decision whether it is worthwhile to respond or allot your precious time on the stuff on mobile by just applying some amount of pressure(long and hard press).


3D Touch was introduced in Apple Devices iPhone  6s and iPhone 6 mobile devices back in 2015. 3D touch is an evolution of the already existing touch tech “Force Touch” and “Multi-Touch” Tech.

Before we continue further let us know what is force touch, Force touch can distinguish the touches on screen with variations in the pressures applied on the screen with out fingers or touch pen.

Multi Touch: With the possibility to detect the multi touch with Force tech, Multi Touch made it possible to use gestures actions like pinch, zoom and other multi touch gestures.

Apple combined both the techs Force Tech and Multi-Touch into 3D touch by taking best features and working effectively. You can also check Lock Apps with Touch ID

How 3D Touch Works:

3D touch works with the Capcitive sensors which are integrated directly into the display.

When a user finger press is detected on the screen, the capacitive sensors which are integrated in the display measure the changes in the distance accurately between the backlight and cover glass on the display.And you can also check how you can Change the Keyboard on iOS

Then this information is combined with the accelerator signals and the touch sensors to process for the user intentions on the screen.

When the touch sensors have processed the various touch on the screen, the Taptic Engine gives the feedback to the user by imitating the sense of clicking similar to clicking on physical keyboard.

Enable 3D Touch On iPhone

3D Touch is accessible on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. All you need to enable it on your settings. 3D Touch on iPhone deals with Peek and Pop. Select the 3D Touch sensitivity among light, medium and firm. It is to adjust the amount of pressure needed to activate 3D Touch. Firm sensitivity increases the amount of pressure required.

Once done with the sensitivity selection we will have a image below to test the sensitivity. Press the image to test 3D Touch sensitivity for Peek and Pop.

How to Access 3D Touch On iPhone 6s

  • Go to settings then general tap accessibility then 3D Touch to enable.
  • Performance of 3D Touch depends upon how hard a screen is being pushed.
  • Peek and Pop are pressure-sensitive gestures which are based on force Touch technology.
  • Peek is opted when the push is of medium strength whereas Pop is performed when push is harder. Both makes us to preview the content before opening an app.
  • Let us consider email, to come across the content of message Peek, that is light press, is used. If it is the case of opening or need to view the message fully go with Pop.

Peek is for

  1. Preview the content.
  2. Preview of an image in messages.

Pop is for

  1. Open the mail to have a complete view.
  2. View image on full screen ( even to edit).

Both are even used across apps like opening mail app and location in maps (even when location shared in a message), view and open web links on safari etc.

Taptic engine used in 3D Touch helps you out with quick actions. Mini and full taps are those comes into picture when we discuss about quick actions on iPhone 6s. Mini tap is that which lasts just for 10 milliseconds and whereas the full tap is of 15 milliseconds or even the longer one.

Mini tap is to open menu of app on home screen itself. Full tap on mail app offer the menu shortcut that includes inbox, VIP, even Search & new message. If in a case of camera a list with take a selfie, record a video and record on slow motion can be found.

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